Eyelash & Brow
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Eyelash & Brow

A patch test is required to avoid an allergic reaction for all tinting treatments


HD Eyebrows £26.00

The secret of celebrity looks!! 


Eyelash Tinting £13.00


Eyebrow Tinting £8.00


Eyelash & Brow Tinting £18.00


Eyelash Perm – Lifts and curls the top lashes £33.00


Eyelash Extension £60.00



Eyebrows £9.00

Upper lip or Chin £5.00

Lip and Chin £8.00



A safe and effective permanent hair removal using disposable needles and electricity

Per Treatment from £17.00



Red Vein/Skin Blemish Removal


Safe and effective method to remove superficial red veins from the face and body, blood spots, milia and skin tags

Treatment from £25.00