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The Express FacialThis mini facial treatment achieves maximum results in minimum time.  Cleanse, masque, tone and moisturise £27.00

The Core Face TreatmentSuitable for everyone, this treatment is unique to your skin and can help treat acne, sensitised ageing, oily, dry, dehydrated and pigmentated skin £38.00

Dermafusion / Dermalift Non Surgical Face Lifts

Dermafusion – Cleanse, tone, exfoliation and steam extraction; face, neck and shoulder massage followed by a variety of bio-ampoule and intensive mask facial depending on skin type and need using micro-current £45.00 

Collegen Eye Treatment Dermalift treatments to reduce lines, puffiness and dryness using bio-collagen products with micro-current £25.00 

DermaliftNon surgical face lifts using micro-current to lift, tone and firm ageing facial tissues to reduce wrinkle depths and rebalance facial skin £45.00

Crystal Clear

Micro-DermabrasionA safe and controlled method of skin resurfacing by exfoliating the outer layer of skin. An excellent solution to open pores, blackheads, pigmentation, blemish & acne scars and stretch marks. £50.00 (sixth treatment free)

COMCIT Facial - Award winning anti ageging skincare from Crystal Care. Process includes oxygenating the skin, controlled micro-trauma to simulate collegen growth vor serum infusion and oxygen jet to soothe and restructure the skin - £80 (sixth treatment free)

Total Crystal Clear Facial - Combination of micro-dermabrasion for skin resurfacing followed up by anti-ageing skincare using COMCIT facial - £100 (sixth treatment free)